Spartan BL TQi TSM - Utan Batteri & Laddare Röd

Referens 30.TX57076-4REDX

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Traxxas 57076 - Spartan Brushless Extreme Power and Speed on the Water48 kmh with two 7.4V LiPo packs, 80 kmh on 6s LiPo all-out! (batteries sold separately) Sleek 36" deep-V hull for stable high-speed performance Water-cooled, waterproof VXL-6s marine speed control Velineon 540XL high-output brushless motor with high flow water-cooling jacket TQi 2.4GHz radio system with Traxxas Stability Management® Quick-release Power Module integrates power system, waterproof electronics, and stuffing tube Blue-anodized aluminum rudder support, rudder, and drive strut Stainless steel turn fins, trim tabs, and hardware